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Reversal Of Fortune?

Louisiana Businessman Arlen Benny Cenac, Jr. A third-era owner of Cenac Towing Company, originally founded in 1927, Benny, has led the company since 1981 through a number of trade hardships by specializing in customer service, efficiency, high quality and safety in its marine transportation companies. In 2015 alone, Florida's 17 energetic alligator farms sold $6.8 million in hides and $1.7 million of meat — figures that don't embrace off-the-book sales, that are rampant as a result of it is impossible to stock each alligator and nest throughout the state.

Mr. Paul Haines, Cenac Marine's aviation supervisor, in his deposition said that he contacted Mr. McKean about making the flight with Mr. Ledet and Mr. Cenac and that Mr. McKean volunteered to take action. He mentioned no cost to Mr. McKean was discussed. In favor of Chet Morrison's movement for summary judgment and in plaintiff's opposition to the movement for summary judgment, both parties connected affidavits and partial depositions of several persons with information regarding the January 19 accident flight and the businesses of Cenac Marine and Chet Morrison.

He admitted that he didn't have the permits, but he blamed the state for stalling to send them, and he justified shifting the alligators because they have been acting aggressively toward folks, including some children swimming in the pond. Arlen Benny” Cenac, Jr. is Lousiana businessman and an entrepreneur with a global Benny Cenac reach. Cenac wrote a private check for $25,300 to buy cashier checks, additionally for six couples, which have been delivered to the Landrieu Senate marketing campaign as political contributions, the FEC said.

Arlen Benny” Cenac, Jr. continues to speculate giant capital sums to keep the land of Golden Ranch Farms pristine and self-sustainable. Tim Solso; Chet Morrison and visitor; and Cenac himself. Further, it was commonplace for Mr. McKean to fly the Robinson R44 helicopter for reasons not in furtherance of Chet Morrison companies, whether or not for different companies, to construct flight hours, or for pleasure.

A Houma businessman was sentenced in federal court on Thursday for making false statements to the Federal Election Commission associated to illegal marketing campaign contributions to Sens. Southern Power started over 15 years ago by Cenac Towing owner and Houma entrepreneur, Arlen "Benny" Cenac, Jr. He's a Louisiana-based mostly entrepreneur with a world reach, an avid philanthropist to the Gulf Coast area and robust supporter of coastal wetland restoration.