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This SST project is funded by the European Space Agency (ESA) as part of Phase 1 of the Agency’s Climate Change Initiative (CCI) Programme. The project team will focus on the following issues relating to Sea Surface Temperature (SST):

  • Analysis of scientific requirements relating to climate
  • Development of improved scientific algorithms
  • Inter-comparison and selection of algorithms
  • System prototyping and production of SST datasets
  • Product validation and end-user assessment

More specifically, the project team will:

  • Develop and validate algorithms to meet GCOS Essential Climate Variable (ECV) requirements for (consistent, stable, error-characterized) global satellite data products from multi-sensor data archives
  • Produce and validate, within an R&D context, the most complete and consistent possible time series of multi-sensor global satellite data products for climate research and modelling
  • Optimize the impact of ESA Earth Observation (EO) missions data on climate data records
  • Generate complete specifications for an operational production system
  • Strengthen inter-disciplinary cooperation between international earth observation, climate research and modelling communities, in pursuit of scientific excellence

SST products & equivalent CMIP5/Obs4MIPs Parameters

The table below shows the SST output that has an equivalent CMIP5 parameters and hence is suitable for submission to Obs4MIPs (Observations for Model Intercomparisons), an activity to make observational products more accessible for climate model intercomparisons.

CMIP5 Table CMIP5 Matching Parameter : CMIP5 Name CMIP5 Priority
Sea Surface Temperature Day/3hr/Omon Sea Surface Temperature : tos 1/1/2

Parameter characteristics & GCOS/CMC Requirements


Split at 3km is arbitrary
Types of errors
Single sensor uncertainty estimates for every observation (SSEOB)
Single sensor accuracy estimates for every observation (SSAOB)
Single sensor uncertainty estimates for TCDR (SSECDR)
Single sensor accuracy estimates for TCDR (SSACDR)
Error covariance matrix for TCDR (ERRCOV)
L3 merged product accuracy (ERRMERG)