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Arlen B. Cenac Jr. Endowed Chair In Accounting Info Systems University Advancement

Tag Arlen Benny” Cenac Jr. Under Florida law, alligator harvesters will pay landowners to collect gator eggs from their properties to resell on the open market. Over time, Cenac has led the marine trade with many ‘firsts.' These embrace being the primary to institute the U.S. Coast Guard tank barge self inspection program, and with the Coast Guard's approval, the primary to institute its personal tankerman training program.

Cenac Marine Services has purchasers across the country and focuses totally on transporting liquid petroleum barges. Although Nichols was social with other alligator harvesters, he followed their cue and saved mum about whom he was working for and the way much he was pulling in. He anxious the secret would get out if individuals learned how a lot easier it was to run an alligator farm than a cattle ranch.

The Times-Picayune article stories that the company's website describes Cenac as a Louisiana entrepreneur, philanthropist and nature lover.” A lover he may well be. According to a March 18, 2006, article within the Houma Courier , Cenac settled a baby-molestation civil lawsuit in opposition to him for $2 million. Arlen Benny” Cenac Jr., proprietor and CEO of Cenac Marine Services, has at all times been devoted in his endeavor to offering the very best relating to training Benny Cenac locally and his recent donations are no different.

While neighbors within the Southwest Florida suburb poured their morning coffee and carted their kids to high school, the FWC officers found 11 live alligators awaiting their fate inside the two-automobile garage. This yr more than 14,000 individuals applied for the roughly 6,000 permits to hunt two alligators. In actual fact, Cenac's entrepreneurial streak is broadly credited with being the driving drive for fulfillment for Cenac Marine Companies.

Floridians like Nichols who have grown up alongside alligators present a sure reverence for the prehistoric reptiles, whose ancestors have been around for at least 200 million years. Nichols acquired slapped with five felony expenses, together with illegally catching and killing alligators and cooking up a white ibis on the grill for lunch sooner or later.

A 3rd-technology proprietor of Cenac Towing Company, originally founded in 1927, Benny, has led the corporate since 1981 by way of several trade hardships by specializing in customer service, efficiency, high quality and safety in its marine transportation services. Cenac Marine serves a buyer base that includes each major oil firm. Arlen "Benny" Cenac Jr., a 1979 graduate of Nicholls State University, took the helm of his grandfather's firm, Cenac Towing Co., in 1983.