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Cloud properties derived from the MODIS instrument on NASA's Aqua satellite by the ESA Cloud CCI project. The L3U datasets consists of cloud properties from L2 data granules remapped to a global space grid of 0.1 degree in latitiude and longitude, without combining any observations from overlapping orbits; only sampling is done. Common notations for this processing level are also L2b and L2G. Data is provided with a temporal resolution of 1 day. This dataset is version 1.0 data from Phase 1 of the CCI project.

Cloud Products & equivalent CMIP5 / Obs4MIPs Parameters

The table below shows the Cloud outputs that have equivalent CMIP5 parameters and hence are suitable for submission to Obs4MIPs (Observations for Model Intercomparisons), an activity to make observational products more accessible for climate model intercomparisons.

CMIP5 Table CMIP5 Matching Parameter : CMIP5 Name CMIP5 Priority

Cloud Amount (CA)
Amon/day/3hr/cfDay Total Cloud Fraction : clt 1
Cloud Top Pressure (CTP) Amon/cfDay Air Pressure at Convective Cloud Top : cct 1
Cloud Top Height (CTH) - - -
Cloud Top Temperature (CTT) - - -
Cloud Optical Depth (COD) ch3hr Stratiform/Convective Cloud Optical Depth : dtaus/dtauc 2
Liquid Water Path Amon Condensed Water Path 1
Ice Water Path Amon Ice Water Path 1
Effc. Particule Radius (CRE)
Aero/cf3hr Stratiform/Convective Cloud Droplet Effective Radius : reffclws/reffclwc 1/2

Parameter characteristics & GCOS / CMC Requirements


Types of errors
Single sensor uncertainty estimates for every observation (SSEOB)
Single sensor accuracy estimates for every observation (SSAOB)
Single sensor uncertainty estimates for TCDR (SSECDR)
Single sensor accuracy estimates for TCDR (SSACDR)
Error covariance matrix for TCDR (ERRCOV)
L3 merged product accuracy (ERRMERG)