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The ESA Climate Change Initiative Aerosol project has produced a number of global aerosol Essential Climate Variable (ECV) products from a set of European satellite instruments with different characteristics. This dataset comprises the Level 2 aerosol products from AATSR, using the Swansea University (SU) algorithm, version 4.2. The data are stored as vectors depending on the dimension "pixel_number". They include a range of aerosol variables, on a 10x10 km2 sinusoidal grid, and in NetCDF version 3 format. The variables included are: Latitude, Longitude, Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD), Angstrom exponent, Per-pixel uncertainty estimates, Aerosol mixture fractions, atmospherically corrected surface reflectance, cloud fraction, land/ocean flag, time of measurement, viewing geometry. For further details about these data products please see the linked documentation.

Aerosol Products & equivalent CMIP5/Obs4MIPs Parameters

The table below shows the aerosol outputs that have equivalent CMIP5 parameters and hence are suitable for submission to Obs4MIPs (Observations for Model Intercomparisons), an activity to make observational products more accessible for climate model intercomparisons.

CMIP5 Matching Parameter : CMIP5 Name Priority
Optical Depth
Aero Ambient Aerosol Optical Thickness at 550nm/870nm : od550aer/od870aer 1/2
Type Probability
Aero Various parameters in Aero Table 1
Extinction Profile
Aero Ambient Aerosol Extinction at 550nm : ec550aer 1

Parameter characteristics & GCOS/CMC Requirements


Split at 3km is arbitrary
Types of errors
Single sensor uncertainty estimates for every observation (SSEOB)
Single sensor accuracy estimates for every observation (SSAOB)
Single sensor uncertainty estimates for TCDR (SSECDR)
Single sensor accuracy estimates for TCDR (SSACDR)
Error covariance matrix for TCDR (ERRCOV)
L3 merged product accuracy (ERRMERG)